Morning Rice Paddy Field Trekking

  • Experiencing sunrise moments while walking through beautifully set rice paddy fields with its subak irrigation system. While our body is absorbing the known good for health golden morning sunlight and our eyes enjoying the Mount Agung and Batukaru which tower in the distance. Be ready to witness the tip of water tunnel named Subak Sungsang that had been built within the years of 1975 -1980.
  • The trekking starts at 6 AM and returns to The Dukuh at 7.30 AM for breakfast.

Afternoon Bicycle Tour

  • Leaving the Dukuh at 3 PM for Kelating Beach. Tour participants ride push-bikes along the Sungsangrice fields with its subak irrigation system to the Kondoh – Pasut Beach.
  • After enjoying some picturesque moment, then the participants will keep riding along the beach as far as Enjung Timan Agung (a unique mini peninsula) with a natural waterfall. It is about four (4) meter high from the sea level. There Tegal Lingga temple, a stopover haven for some sellers from Pandak who are going to Negara. Here, we can hear the sound of the waves while hitting the rocks and the seawater splashing beautifully before us.
  • The next attraction for a couple of minutes is the tour participants going down to the beach and visiting a bat cave. Here we will see a rare-species of tailed-bats with its small populations as many as approximately 300 bats. The length of the tail is about 2-inch.
    Then we continue the bicycle ride to Kelating Beach, the location of the luxury famous Soori Bali Villa. The Kelating beach is laid out beautifully with its black sandy beaches, which glittering beautifully in the sun. This sloping beach has high waves and suitable for surfing.
    On the way back to The Dukuh, the tour participants will pass Japan Village and Alas Tumbal, the village forest at Tegal Temu Kaja area. We will arrive at The Dukuh before dinner time
  • This guided afternoon cycling tour takes for about three (3) hours at Rp. 500K per person.
  • The package includes a cold drink, snacks, cold towel, afternoon tea/coffee and dinner at The Dukuh.

Afternoon River Walk and Fisherman Wannabe Tour

  • It is a low-impact activity by the Yeh Ho River guided tour.
  • We start with a Swing-Ride. The swing-ride is hanging between tropical trees by the Yeh Ho River, which offers tour participant a spectacular, thrilling yet addictive experience.
  • After swinging, we start trolling. It is a fishing activity where one or more fishing lines, baited with lures or bait fish, are drawn through the water of Yeh Ho River. It’s time to enjoy nature and learn to hold back.
  • Then if the water level permitted, we continue with a lesson on how to spread a fishing-net to the river. We throw the net by hand in such a manner that it spreads out on the water and sinks. As we haul the net back in, we are catching the fishes.
  • We end the activities by putting Bali’s traditional fish-trap made of Bamboo called Bubu in the Yeh Ho River. Remember, we will return to the river in the morning to get the Bubu back and wish to find some fishes and river shrimps are inside of it.
  • This guided afternoon River Walk and Fishing tour takes for about two(2) hours at Rp. 300K per person.
  • The package includes snacks and afternoon tea/coffee